Federico Cervellini contributes to another important agreement for MBM Group

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Another important Italian brand extended its market to the UAE, thanks to the intervention of the Director of Corporate Affairs of MBM Group Federico Cervellini. It is “Attibassi Caffè”, a Bologna-based company currently held by Co.ind group, that recently signed an important agreement for the opening of nineteen new stores in the Dubai area, which add themselves to the eleven already existing.

The contract includes, furthermore, the supply of coffee and coffee machines to the local hotels as well as to the government authorities’ offices. It remains an opening for a future agreement, which would make “Attibassi Caffè” the sole Italian company distributing to every Sheiks’ offices and consequently also to the whole Dubai Royal Family. In this case the contribution of Federico Cervellini, professional who from 2012 operates in the Dubai-based Investing company founded in 2006 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum, will turn out to be crucial. Dwelling for over six years in these territories, at first in Abu Dhabi and currently in Dubai, he deeply knows the economic reality of the Middle East.

This is the main reason why he was chosen directly by the Sheikh, in order to give support to foreign companies wishing to invest in the local market, feeding MBM Group main core business. Federico Cervellini fulfils this role with great passion, that is why in recent years he has contributed to bring the Middle East several Italian and international companies, closing several successful deals. As with the coffee producer company: another Italian entity that has been able to expand its market to an economically rich in prospects city, which has been also chosen to host the next Universal Exposition of 2020.

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