Federico Cervellini meets Azerbaijan’s Minister of Agriculture

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At the end of September, Azerbaijan Minister of Agriculture, Heydar Asadov, welcomed delegation coming from MBM Group, composed of the Head of Government Relations, the Director of Business Development and of Federico Cervellini, Director of Corporate Affairs. firma-azerbaijan-30-settembre-2016_1The representatives of Dubai-based company proposed, indeed, a discussion upon new strategies useful to attract UAE investors to focus on agricultural sector in Azerbaijan.

To do so, the two parts discussed the possibility to create specific solutions to improve this sector, such as building agricultural parks, establishing enterprises for the production of pesticides as well as logistics points for storing and trading all the livestock products.

The main aim is, indeed, to spread the export of the agricultural products made in Azerbaijan to further countries, in addition to UAE. This country is indeed a strategic meeting point among Europe, Asian South-West and Central Asia.

Azerbaijan’s Minister considered this project a good chance for the agricultural field of his country to grow, in both local and exportfirma-azerbaijan-30-settembre-2016_2 point of views. Particular attention is indeed payed to agriculture by the President Ilham Ailyev, who said himself happy about the project planned together with MBM Group.

Federico Cervellini assured Azerbaijan’s institutions MBM Group’s availability in providing funds in order to restructure the overall needed infrastructure, as well as investing in technological solutions to improve agricultural production.

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