Federico Cervellini promotes a new partnership between MBM Group and Panterra

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Federico Cervellini, Director of Corporate Affairs of MBM Group, has recently promoted a new deal between Panterra and the Dubai-based Group, led by the Sheikh Mohammed bin Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum.

Panterra is a German company specialized in creating time-laps videos with a high quality shooting building sites for big private and public projects. Thanks to many video cameras placed in strategic spots, it is possible to have videos of the work in progress process of a work for check or marketing purposes. Each time laps video has a quality of even 50 megapixels and is produced thanks to a hard work and accuracy in all the details.

Federico Cervellini approached Panterra at the beginning of the summer, after an accurate study of its services and products, starting a negotiation that recently came to an end, stating a partnership deal. After that, a meeting took place at Sheikh’s Palace: an institutional meeting among Panterra’s President, MBM Investments Board and the Sheikh himself.

This deal with the German company is the result of a research promoted by the UAE Government together with Federico Cervellini, in order to produce photos and videos dedicated to all the great Dubai and UAE buildings. The Dubai developer, Emaar, received Panterra’s official technical presentation, declaring his will and interest in immediately cooperate to establish a track record of new projects, in a both starting and concluding stage.

Expo 2020 will take advantage of all this project as well.